Yeah! Accepted into Southern Highland Craft Guild

On Feb. 3, 2018 I received a letter from the Southern Highland Craft Guild.  When I  opened it up on my walk back up the mountain from the mail boxes….my heart skipped a beat (actually several beats) and also jumped for joy.  It was my membership acceptance letter into this amazing craft guild that has been in existence since 1930.  I am more than honored to have been accepted into their community and family of artisans, and appreciate all the hard work that the staff and members put into this truly awesome craft guild that has made it what it is today.

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Looking Back

I walk by these drawings of mine several times every day and I think to myself each time that I need to pick up where I left off.  These were created as class projects in a drawing class that I took while attending RIT….wow….9 years ago.  My god, how time flies.  I loved working with this reductive charcoal process.  It was astounding to me, at the time, how the image emerged from its black charcoal depths and started to take on a life of its own.  Yes, they are not perfect but for me, being someone that had never really drawn in my whole life or worked with charcoal, they spoke to me.  That should not be surprising since the subject matter for 4 of them was moi! 

As we are disassembling our large studio, and deciding what to keep, sell, throw away, and ponder on, I constantly catch myself looking back at all that we have accomplished, all the triumphs and disappointments, and what the future holds for us and Oatka Glass Studio.  We are excited about our imminent move to our new home and studio in North Carolina.  As we sift through the overwhelming mass of “stuff”, I do see a very bright light at the end of the tunnel and it is enabling me to put one foot in front of the other to continuously move toward that light.

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Fluffy Snowflakes

The biting frost has come
Light fluffy snowflakes fall from the gray sky
What was once a light snow covered ground
Has become mounds of snow
I pick up my shovel and as I clear a path
The dogs romp joyfully in the deep snow
My toes and fingers tingle
As I enter the gloriously warm house
Ahhh…..we are home once again!

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Rain Drops

The rain begins to fall in the darkness of early morn
Energy released from the clouds above
The wind rises and falls changing the intensity of the falling rain
Rain always brings a sense of sadness for me
But also brings a desire to sit under a warm blanket
Hibernating for a day with a hot cup of tea and my pen and paper in hand
water droplets on a pool of water

There is something about the sound and the smell of rain
That touches something deep in my soul
Bringing with it a sense of peace and contentment
Tears well up in my eyes today as thoughts flood in
I pray for all my friends that are going through troubling times
Friends that are caring for beloved ones that are not well
I send blessings to their hearts and minds on this rainy morn
In hope that it may somehow lighten their load, no matter how small
This is what the rain brings with it today
Droplets that stir tears of hope and compassion….and love.


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View From Mine Eyes…The Pilchuck Experience

Even though I wasn’t taking any workshops at Pilchuck Glass School…I was just a driver picking up some friends….I thought I would share my experience the first time I drove up to Pilchuck in the form of a little something I wrote after a wonderful day spent with my dear friend, Eileen Biggs, and KeKe Cribbs (as we intruded on her at home).

Proud young stands of aspens
Feverishly shimmering
The glorious dawn light
Awaken to mine eyes.

Piercing rays of filtered sunlight
Strobing erradically across my path
Soaring into another place..another time
Never forgot to mine eyes.

Thick envelopes of airy moss
In calming shades of green
Adorning their ancient bows
Rest for mine eyes.

Delicately laden floor of flowers
Intangibly sway in the soft breeze
Sparks of color ignite
Pleasures to mine eyes.

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A Visit to Pilchuck and LaConner

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Since I had some down time here in Seattle due to a cancelled course, I decided to got up to Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, WA and visit with Anna Boothe who is teaching up there for 3 weeks.  Amazing, … Continue reading

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GAS Conference Here I Go….Hopefully

This gallery contains 1 photo.

I did leave on May 25 heading to the annual GAS conference that is going on in Seattle next week. BUT I have only made it to Newark, NJ so far. Overbooked flights and offerings of some nice flight voucher … Continue reading

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Welcome to Amanda’s World

Well this is the first day of my life being Amanda Taylor’s personal website.  I am hoping that she updates me often and uses the blogging feature to actually keep all of her glass friends up to date with what is happening in her oh so busy world.  I can’t wait to see where she takes me on this incredible journey that she has embarked on!!!

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