Artist Bio

Amanda Taylor (McBride)

Creativity, learning, love of the outdoors, and travel have always had been part of my life. I have always deeply inhaled life and love working and creating with heart and hands. It was my interest in ceramics that eventually developed into my passion for working with kiln-formed glass. I have been working with kiln formed glass since 1994 and have never stopped learning and absorbing as much I possible since that time.

My work demonstrates my increasing interest in depth and form, and in the use of glass frits, powders enable me to express the raw beauty of the nature, color, and diversity that surrounds us all. I am constantly thinking on ways that I can start intertwining my other interests (painting, sculpting, ceramics, metal working, textiles, and woodworking) with my glass creations. I just need one more minute, one more hour, one more week, one more month, one more year….one more life….