Rain Drops

The rain begins to fall in the darkness of early morn
Energy released from the clouds above
The wind rises and falls changing the intensity of the falling rain
Rain always brings a sense of sadness for me
But also brings a desire to sit under a warm blanket
Hibernating for a day with a hot cup of tea and my pen and paper in hand
water droplets on a pool of water

There is something about the sound and the smell of rain
That touches something deep in my soul
Bringing with it a sense of peace and contentment
Tears well up in my eyes today as thoughts flood in
I pray for all my friends that are going through troubling times
Friends that are caring for beloved ones that are not well
I send blessings to their hearts and minds on this rainy morn
In hope that it may somehow lighten their load, no matter how small
This is what the rain brings with it today
Droplets that stir tears of hope and compassion….and love.


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