View From Mine Eyes…The Pilchuck Experience

Even though I wasn’t taking any workshops at Pilchuck Glass School…I was just a driver picking up some friends….I thought I would share my experience the first time I drove up to Pilchuck in the form of a little something I wrote after a wonderful day spent with my dear friend, Eileen Biggs, and KeKe Cribbs (as we intruded on her at home).

Proud young stands of aspens
Feverishly shimmering
The glorious dawn light
Awaken to mine eyes.

Piercing rays of filtered sunlight
Strobing erradically across my path
Soaring into another place..another time
Never forgot to mine eyes.

Thick envelopes of airy moss
In calming shades of green
Adorning their ancient bows
Rest for mine eyes.

Delicately laden floor of flowers
Intangibly sway in the soft breeze
Sparks of color ignite
Pleasures to mine eyes.

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