GAS Conference Here I Go….Hopefully

I did leave on May 25 heading to the annual GAS conference that is going on in Seattle next week. BUT I have only made it to Newark, NJ so far. Overbooked flights and offerings of some nice flight voucher compensation have kept me here. Since I don’t have to be in Seattle officially until May 31….this could go on for awhile. I am getting bored with being shuttled from hotel to airport..airport to hotel..but I am also getting some much needed work done for Oatka School of Glass while I am sitting in the hotel. On that note, I think I will shut the computer down and head back to the airport to give it another try to fly.

I will be volunteering at the registration desk for 2 days and then the Student Exhibit while at the GAS conference, so please stop by and say hello. Can’t wait and it should be fun….once I get out of Newark….it is starting to feel like “Groundhog Day” the movie.

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